About Me

I am a graduate of Crystal Mountain, Apprenticeship to the Healing Arts, class of 1997.  I spent my first 6 years out of school, experiencing different locations to work from and exploring a variety of techniques and modalities.  In 2004, I returned to Crystal Mountain to begin my career as a Massage Therapy Instructor as well as leasing space within the school for my own massage therapy practice. Recently, 2018, Crystal Mountain Institute closed its doors. I now find myself out on my own again. I am excited to share my new massage space and the next part of my journey with you! 


My personal style of bodywork is an accumulation of all I have learned over my many years of practice and teaching.  I have experience in working with deep tissue, muscular skeletal, and issue specific concerns.  I have also studied the energetic side of bodywork; Reiki and Polarity.  Lomi Lomi is a bodywork style that I have spent extensive time studying and practicing.  Lomi Lomi is based on ancient Hawaiian healing principles, working with spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical aspect of a being. I am beginning a new journey with my massage practice. I am looking into new modalities and techniques that will bring the help and peace to you, my clients. 


Blessings and Mahalo